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The book "The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow" stands on a pile of children's books in front of library shelves.

Ilett blends magic and reality so deftly that one can be mistaken for the other; both have a sharp, briny tang of the sea."


- Kirkus Starred Review

On the morning of Gail's birthday, she watches her shadow slip under the kitchen door. She's not surprised it decided to leave. Her dad has gone for good. Her big sister Kay, once Gail's best friend, has disappeared into sadness -- and now her shadow has left too. Determined to make things right, Gail chases after the shadows. But her adventures take her to unexpected places and she soon discovers that where there are shadows, there's darkness, and that she's not the only one looking for something missing... In a world of light and shadow, despair and hope sit side by side. Can Gail recover what the sisters have lost?

A lyrical, immersive, and luminous tale of sisterhood, The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow tells of bravery, the power of friendship, and being strong enough to ask for help when we really need it. 


​Read the first two chapters for free and find out more about the book here

"There is a lot to fathom in The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow, and it’s well worth diving in. Like taking a swim in the Atlantic, you’ll find depth, darkness – and plenty of sparkle." Read the full review at Roaring Reads.

Published by Kelpies, an imprint of Floris Books, September 2019, and available online and from your local book stores.

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