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Short Stories (Online)

The Rock and The Sea 

Last year, the school play was Robin Hood and Megan and Jack had been trees. Megan was Tree 2 and Jack was Tree 3. Megan had to sway more than Jack because Tree 2 got more of the wind. This year their teacher, Miss Fletcher, announced that they were to do a Greek tragedy. When she said tragedy she raised her arms in the air and looked up. Megan and Jack looked up as well but all they could see were some scattered pieces of chewing gum stuck to the ceiling.

The Rock and The Sea, 2015

Read the whole story at The Island Review here.

Orion's Belt and Who It Fell On

Orion snores small earthquakes in his sleep and dreams of stewed venison and quail and wild duck sauce and eel pasties and pork sausage and jelly and custard and rice tart and he doesn’t notice a thing when it slips off his mighty girth and falls through the sky to land very large in front of a girl and a boy with bright red hair eating sandwiches by a brown river and getting sunburned. They’re both careful not to be as surprised as the other is.

Orion's Belt and Who It Fell On, 2015

Read the whole story at Litro Magazine here.

Emily Ilett: Author Interviews

"The thing that’s been most helpful to me, though, is how important it is to become your own friend, to learn about yourself, build up a friendship with yourself and be your own friend through your writing." - Read the full interview in the Westender Magazine here.

"Through the research process I have discovered sea creatures I’d never dreamed of before, I’ve read about endangered species here in Scotland, I’ve learned about all kinds of different ways creatures communicate with each other and I’ve listened to a lot of beautiful whale song." - Read the full interview with Unicorns and Kelpies here.

The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow: Reviews

"Fluent and sophisticated storytelling combines with precise sensory detail and a tangible sense of place; characters both human and non- are real, multidimensional, and sympathetic. Even the shadows of petrels and the rocks themselves come to life. Ilett blends magic and reality so deftly that one can be mistaken for the other; both have a sharp, briny tang of the sea." - Read the full Kirkus Starred Review here.

Ilett's debut is full of feeling: the comfort of a folktale, the dazzle of the magical, and the trials and triumphs of life. Gail is a true heroine, and the world of children's literature is lucky to have her.' -- School Library Journal, Starred Review

'It is a unique and original story, striking a delicate balance between addressing real-life issues, from poaching to mental health, and creating a beguiling magical world... Like taking a swim in the Atlantic, you'll find depth, darkness -- and plenty of sparkle.' -- Roaring Reads

'Combining fantasy and realism, this is a beautifully written, gripping tale full of danger, loss, hope, friendship and the strength of sisterhood.' -- Children's Books Ireland Recommended Reads

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