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My First Blog Tour

The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow was published in the UK on my older sister's birthday. It felt like a funny coincidence, as this book is so much about sisterhood and I was thinking about my own two sisters a lot as I wrote it. It was a scary and exciting whirlwind of a week, in September 2019, where I was waiting for the very first readers (who didn't know me!) to read Gail's story and at the same time writing lots of blogs for fantastic book bloggers and reviewers. I thought I'd collect some of the blogs here so that they're in one place and you can dip into them and read different extracts from the book if you'd like to.

The Girl Who Lost Her Shadow is published by Floris Books and I wrote about sisterhood and bravery in this post for my publisher's blog which you can find here: In the Reader Teacher's blog, I talk about a young girl called Mhirran who Gail meets as she's looking for her sister's shadow. Mhirran is quite an eccentric character who says she can talk to dolphins, do Morse Code and speak to trees. You can read more about her and all the different communication methods she talks about here:

This story is about Gail figuring out how she can be there for her sister, when everything feels like it is falling apart. I wrote about mental health and depression for the Be Ur Own Light Blog, and how I think stories are a way of seeing ourselves and putting words to experiences that can feel lonely and confusing: And, finally, you can read an interview with me (my first interview!) on the Unicorns and Kelpies Blog where I talk about the inspiration for the story, and some of my favourite books. I hope you enjoy the tour and thanks to all the bloggers!


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